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Honeycomb Cardboard

Our honeycomb sheet protects and stabilises goods. It is made up of a hexagonal structure, similar to the wall of a beehive, creating a result that combines a lightweight feel with high compressive resistance.. Our honeycomb cardboard is 100% tailor-made, meaning that it fits your product perfectly and protects it efficiently. It’s the ideal choice for protecting goods against shocks during transportation. Using a single piece of cardboard, we can replicate the shape of the product that needs to be stacked and protected.

cartón nido de abeja pieza troquelada

Product Family Honeycomb Cardboard

Plancha Cartón Nido de Abeja Estándar

Standard Sheet of Honeycomb Cardboard

Cantoneras de Protección Nido de Abeja

Protective Honeycomb Edgeboards

cartón nido de abeja pieza troquelada

Die-cut pieces of Honeycomb Cardboard

Cuñas y Cunas de Carton Nido de Abeja

Honeycomb Cardboard Cradles and Wedges

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