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Die-cut Honeycomb Cardboard Pieces

Die-cut honeycomb cardboard pieces are designed to protect goods, fitting the shape of your product exactly. Rotri will design your die-cut honeycomb panel to order to ensure that your product is perfectly stacked and secure, avoiding any shocks to the product during transport. The die-cut pieces block and protect against shocks, and are a smart, innovative solution which reduces the quantity of packaging materials used and presents the products professionally, at no extra cost.


Tailor-made protection for a range of goods and products.

Reduced cost as a substitute for all the classic combinations of corrugated cardboard, porex, wood, air bags, foam filling chips…

Packaging that is adaptable to any item, has high compressive resistance and which also secures the product and absorbs shocks in order to protect it.

Approved design, testing and prototypes to make sure that the piece meets quality and sizing requirements and to ensure that it can protect against potential shocks during transportation.

Option of creating very large tailor-made pieces thanks to our large-format die-cutting machine.

Weights and dimensions
  • 100% customisable
Customisation options
  • Printing
  • Adhesives
  • Lamination
  • Option of applying a fire-retardant coating
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