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Packaging Kits

Our packaging kit can be made up of one or more materials, and composed of different elements. The kits are ideal for storage, grouping and transport of a wide variety of products, where packaging with robust stacking load performance is required.

In most cases the kit consists of a large, pallet-style box on a wooden pallet or base reinforced with honeycomb cardboard and with interior packaging to secure, stack, separate and protect the products.

Our team at Rotri takes care of manufacturing and building the kit and delivering it to you pre-assembled and ready for use. All you have to do is open it, position your product inside, close it and send it to its destination.

We assess each situation to create the optimal kit for your needs, carrying out regular deliveries as requested


High level of stacking strength.



Easy set-up.

Good presence.

Optimises use of space.

Personalised assessment.

Customisation options
  • Can be supplied preassembled or unassembled

  • Standard and non-standard dimensions available for different heights

  • Totally tailor-made design

  • Window option for ease of loading

  • Different finishes according to the needs of the project

  • Interiors include: honeycomb cardboard; folded/mounted corrugated cardboard; double corrugated or triplex cardboard rings; corrugated cardboard or cellular polypropylene dividers and grids; compact cardboard edgeboards; vci plastic sleeves; desiccants.

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