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Sheet, Half-tube, Tube, Pallet cover

We supply reels of sheet, semi-tube, tube and pallet covers in quality polyethylene, low pressure (high density) and polypropylene, with the option of customising the weight and diameter according to your requirements, and pre-cutting the product to the distance required. The sheets and pallet covers can be supplied as individual units.


Fast, easy set-up.

Inexpensive material.

Protects against dust and moisture.

Resistant to tears and elongation.

Robust welding.

Suitable formanual or automatic packaging.

Customisation options
  • Virgin material

  • Recycled material

  • Compostable material

  • Shrinkable material

  • Flexographic printing in up to 6 colours

  • Coloured backgrounds

  • VCI anti-corrosion

  • Antistatic material

  • Shrinkfast shrink gun available on request

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