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PaleFix Antislip

Organic, anti-slip glue with a high adhesion coefficient, which stabilises pallet loads (sacks, bags or boxes). Reduces and replaces stretchy films and anti-slip separators.

The chemical composition of Palefix adhesives consists ofnatural and totally biodegradable products, meaning that they do not impact the paper recycling process. The formula gives the adhesive tapes high horizontal tensile strength and practically no resistance in the vertical direction. Palletisation of loads is streamlined and reverse logistics are even easier. Palefix helps to reduce waste in load utilisation by making transportation secure.


More sustainable since it reduces or complete eliminates use of plastic stretch film.

Optimisation of costs, materials and packaging times.

Ecological and sustainable option: natural and biodegradable product.

Does not affect the recycling process of boxes, bags and sacks.

Reduction of product damage and accidents.

Easy palletisation and depalletisation: high horizontal resistance and very little vertical resistance.


Stabilises the goods on the palletising and transportation lines

Allows an increase in the amount of products per pallet.

Resistant to low temperatures.

Shorter unloading time thanks to the correct positioning of the pallet and the goods on top of it.

Eliminates the pressure of straps, thus avoiding deformations in the material.

Improve the presentation of the pallets and your product.

Weights and dimensions
  • Packs for manual applicationl

  • Containers for automatic application

Customisation options
  • Manual application

  • Automatic application

Downloadable file

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