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Die-cut Boxes

We have a large automatic die-cutting machine for manufacturing large and very versatile pieces, allowing us to die-cut different materials such as compact cardboard, corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard and cellular polypropylene, in order to manufacture slip sheets, boxes, trays, grids, packaging and other customised pieces in diverse sizes and shapes.

Cajas Troqueladas

Product Family Die-cut Boxes

Cajas Troqueladas

Die-cut Cardboard Boxes

Piezas Troqueladas Cartón Nido de Abeja

Die-cut Honeycomb Cardboard Pieces

Cajas Polipropileno Celular

Cellular Polypropylene Boxes

Rejillas Separadoras Polipropileno Celular

Cellular Polypropylene Separation Grids

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