Inflatable Bags

Perfect for securing and stabilising pallets in your lorry and/or container during transportation. Our inflatable bags are a fast, efficient and economical way of securing goods in containers and other compartments.

Inflatable paper bag, which is inflated using a valve and used to secure packages during transport, preventing the goods from moving about and ensuring that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition..



Fast, easy set-up.

Reduce the costs of returns, breakages and claims compensation.

Can be used in maritime, land, air and rail transports.

Reduced unloading time as pallets remain correctly positioned inside the transport vehicle.

Reduced need for other materials such as film or fastening tapes

Good presence in the shipment of goods.

Different dimensions available according to the client’s needs.

Weights and dimensions
  • 60×90 cm  800 units/pallet

  • 60×120 cm  600 units/plalet

  • 90×120 cm  600 units/pallet

  • 90×150 cm  535 units/pallet

  • 90×180 cm  500 units/pallet

  • 90×210 cm  450 units/pallet

  • 90×240 cm  350 units/pallet

  • 120×180 cm  350 units/pallet

Customisation options
  • Compressed air inflation gun available

  • Battery-powered inflation gun available

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