Bubble wrap

Very flexible materials, with a soft texture to cushion fragile products. They are an ideal option for void filling and protecting your packages. They adapt very well to fit different contours, and are very lightweight and easy to handle and set up..

Suitable for separation, wrapping, filling, protection and transportation because they can be supplied in large bags and envelopes.

Plastico de Burbuja


Recyclable material.

Easy handling.

Adaptable to different spaces/shapes.

Weights and dimensions

Bubble Wrap

  • Reels 120 and 150cm in width. Option to cut to other widths.
  • Bubbles 10 and 27mm in diameter


  • Reels 120 and 1c0cm in width. Option to cut to other widths.
  • Thicknesses from 2 up to 10mm.
Customisation options
  • Bubble wrap and foam supplied on reels, in sheets, in bags, in large bags and in a tubular shape

  • Double- and triple-layer bubble wrap.

  • Bubble wrap and Foam, laminated with: kraft paper, bubble wrap/foam and high density LDPE film with clear or coloured backing.

  • Available additives for bubble wrap: UVA, slip, anti-slip and anti-static.

  • Available additivos for foam: anti-static.

  • Fixed, mobile and wall-mounted dispensers with blades available.

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