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Strapping Accessories

Secure your pallets and goods with our accessories to transport and apply straps and reinforce strapping.

accesorios de flejado


Allowing transport without getting tangled.

Allows you to keep all accessories in the same place..

Allows more force to be applied to the strap

Allows better distribution of strapping pressure.

Allows faster application of the strap.

Weights and dimensions
  • Cardboard edgeboard: 35x35x3x100, 50x50x4x100, 60x40x3.5×100 and other customisable dimensions available on request.
  • Plastic edgeboards with and without spikes: 32x32x24 (ref 4030), 34,5×34,5×25 ref CN4249), 42.5×42.5×29.5 (ref 4235), 46x46x34 (ref 606048).
Customisation options
  • Plastic or metal buckles for textile strapping

  • Metal closures; open, closed and/or engraved for polypropylene and polyester strapping

  • Coil trolley and strap dispenser, with tray for tensioning machine, manual or friction machine and edgeboards

  • Cardboard and plastic edgeboards to reinforce, protect and distribute the pressure of the strap.

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