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Cellular Polypropylene Medical Waste Container

Plastic bin or container for clinical, hospital, toxic and general waste for disposal. Made of cellular polypropylene, self-assembling, with an interior bag and a welded base which guarantee liquid retention and offer impermeability and durability. Closing mechanism including snap-on tabs and flange, as well as handles to facilitate transport. Ideal as a replacement for costly and cumbersome rigid plastic containers.


More environmentally friendly thanks to the small quantity of material used (300gr) compared with rigid containers (2kg).

Lower cost: 60% saving in comparison with rigid plastic containers

Thermowelded base: Thermowelded base ensures liquid retention.

European regulations (clinical register).

Containers are delivered unassembled, meaning they take up less space than pre-assembled rigid plastic containers.

Weights and dimensions
  • Capacity: 25l, 40l, 50l short, 50l tall, 60l.
Applicable sectors Cellular Polypropylene Medical Waste Container
Customisation options
  • Combined with corrugated cardboard for easier stacking.
  • Customised printing.
Downloadable file

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