Envelopes and padded envelopes, available in different dimensions and qualities according to the type of shipment. Perfect for sending documents or specific items with greater or lesser degrees of protection. Suitable shipping via box, pallet or individual courier delivery. ECO range available.


ECO envelopes made from paper and cardboard.

Adheres to various surfaces such as paper, cardboard, plastic or metal.

Fast, easy set-up.

Dimensions in stock; fast delivery.

Weights and dimensions
  • Packing list enclosed: 138*125, 175*132, 175*132, 235*132, 240*140, 235*175, 325*235 mm (interior measurements)

  • Padded envelope: 100×165, 120×215, 150×215, 180×265, 220×265, 220×340, 270×360, 300×445, 350×470 (interior measurements)

  • Courier envelope: 175×250+40, 250×350+40, 350×450+40, 400×500+40, 450×600+40, 350x450x50 (gusset)+40mm (interior measurements)

Customisation options
  • Plastic “document” envelopes.

  • Paper ECO “document” envelopes.

  • Printing available in up to 4 colours.

  • Various opening options available: (back flap, adhesive front flap and letterbox flap) and removable or permanent adhesive.

  • Padded envelopes with bubble lining

  • ECO padded envelopes with corrugated cardboard lining.

  • Printing available in up to 4 colours.

  • Courier envelopes: 70% recycled heavy-duty messenger bags with self-adhesive closure, die-cut for easy opening.

  • Option of printing sequential numbers and barcodes, numbered receipts.

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